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Küryakyn has been in the business of improving and beautifying motorcycles since before many of today's riders "ran 'er through the gears" for the first time. Unlike a large segment of the industry, we've learned that the bandwagon usually doesn't lead the parade. Everywhere throughout this site you'll see examples of fresh Küryakyn innovation; well thought out parts that work, fit, and most of all, look great! We'll leave the "me too" items to someone else. Each Küryakyn accessory is intended to look fantastic by itself, but is usually a member of group of parts that combine to create a "look". This allows each rider to add accessories a couple at a time, or go for the full complement all at once, without the end result looking like an arbitrary hodgepodge of parts that can leave you wondering if they were all supposed to go on the same bike. If you desire additional information, or have questions, we welcome your call or letter. Our well trained sales staff and technical department will be glad to assist you. At Küryakyn, ideas are born from a passion for motorcycles that spans 145 years of combined experience and active participation in the sport. Our ideas are products of creative minds that realize a motorcycle isn't simply a means of transportation, but rather a representation of a person's very identity. At Küryakyn we believe innovation is manufactured at the intersection of Performance and Style.

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